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  • November 14, 2009

The big story this week is the new BTER Website itself, which has been in the planning stages for more than 9 months. Finally, the website is alive and doing well. It is still in its infancy and will need lots of care and nourishment, but it is growing quickly! Much of the content from our old website still needs to be transcribed, but every day one or two new pages are added to the site, making it more useful to the hundreds of daily visitors.


  • March, 2009

The Next Maggot Therapy Workshop is scheduled for April 4, 2009 in Irvine, CA. The $150 Registration Fee is being subsidized by a grant from Monarch Labs. Details can be found in the workshop brochure, at: Seating is limited, so reserve your space soon. If you would like to co-host an hour lecture, grand rounds, or an entire workshop and training in your city, just contact the BTER Foundation.

  • March, 2008

The BTER Foundation Supports Improved Insurance Reimbursement. The BTER Foundation submitted letters to the AMA and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Mediaid Services) in support of establishing insurance codes for Maggot Therapy, like those that exist for other medical treatments. We need your support. Read all about the issue (be well-informed) and talk to your colleagues, friends and family. Then please write a letter to us, to AMA, or to CMS, expressing your support. We have posted instructions and addresses to help you, help us.

  • November, 2007

Maggot Therapy Video Project – The Foundation’s Maggot Therapy Video Project, initiated in 2004, has just published some of its interviews and instructional guides on YouTube. The project has recorded interviews with patients, therapists and researchers. A collection of some of these works will be available on CD shortly, but for now everyone can view them for free on YouTube. Visit our You Tube Video Link Page for a list of posted videos. More will be added as they are re-formatted for streaming video.

  • March, 2007

International Conference on Biotherapy, Seoul, Korea – The International Biotherapy Society along with Pochon CHA University (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) co-sponsored the 7th International Conference of Biotherapy in Seoul, Korea, June 20-24, 2007. The meeting was a great success, with representation from over a dozen countries. You can find a list of topics discussed at the official IBS Conference web-site: Check back again for the forthcoming posting of conference abstracts. If you would like to be notified of the next meeting time and location, or to join the IBS, visit their website at:

  • January, 2007

Maggot Therapy Presentation Slides Available – Thanks to a grant from Monarch Labs, it is now possible to view or download a copy of our MDT Slideset #50. This series of slides is an abridged version of our Maggot Therapy Workshop curriculum, describing the basic principles and practice of maggot therapy. It is posted as an Adobe Acrobat or portable document file (pdf format) for ease of viewing and printing. The 50MB PowerPoint version is still available only on CD, and only formatted for MS Windows at this time. View it HERE.

  • December, 2006

The Winter, 2006 issue of “The BeTER LeTTER” is now available on the web – The BTER Foundation’s newsletter is filled with current events, announcements, interviews, and news stories about Biotherapy from around the world. The current issue features an article from China describing how doctors used maggot therapy to save a patient’s re-attached arm. Check out the current issue and past issues at: To receive future issues, subscribe by providing the Editor with your e-mail and/or fax number.

  • November, 2006

Press Release, November 6, 2006 –
CBS Channel 2 news in Los Angeles featured a report on maggot therapy. To view their video, click on THIS LINK. Additional links can be found on our “Links” web page.

  • March, 2006

Press Release, March 1, 2006 –
The BTER Foundation, in its efforts to assist patients and therapists, announces the latest advances in reimbursement status for biotherapeutic medical procedures: CPT and ABC codes are available for requesting reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Read all about it in the full Press Release for March, 2006: Coding for Maggot Therapy.

  • October, 2005

Maggot Debridement Therapy Policies & Procedures –
The BTER Foundation, in collaboration with community leaders, drafted a template for hospitals and clinics to use when writing MDT Policies & Procedures for their facility. The template is available for free download.

  • June, 2005

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