Members and attendees of the 8th International Conference on Biotherapy may view any of the lectures on this page for free. The lectures are arranged in the order in which they were presented at the conference. The following sessions are available for viewing:


Session Lecture Title Speaker Link
Keynote Address William Baer and the History of Biotherapy Alana Jolley _______
Phage and Bacteriophage Therapy
Bacteriophages Elizabeth Kutter _________
Clinical application of bacteriophages for recalcitrant bacterial infections Lasha Gogokhia ______
Non-surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease Tatiana Libik _______
Q & A Session Elizabeth Kutter, Lasha Gogokhia, and Tatiana Libik ________
Helminthic Therapy
A Patient’s Journey Debora Wade ____________
Q & A Session Debora Wade, Ronald Sherman _______
Maggot Therapy
Safe Use of Lucilia cuprina Tarek Tantawi ______
MDT in Iran Author: Abbas Mirabzadeh
Speaker: Ronald Sherman
MDT in Slovakia Milan Kozanek _____
MDT in Jerusalem Kosta Mumcuoglu ____
Pain Related to MDT Kosta Mumcuoglu ____
In Search of Pain-Free MDT Ronald Sherman _____
Q & A Session 1 Tarek Tantawi, Ronald Sherman, Milan Kozanek, Kosta Mumcuoglu ____
Pain Release Drugs in MDT Lutz Heuer ____
Clinical and Microbiological Efficacy of MDT in Management of Pressure Ulcers Yousry Gohar ____
MDT for Severe Diabetic Foot Ulcers Hideya Mitsui ____
Uncommon Applications of MDT Sharon Mendez ____
Q & A Session 2 Lutz Heuer, Yousry Gohar, Hideya Mitsui, Sharon Mendez ____
Antibacterial Activity of Lucilia cuprina Yousry Gohar ____
Antibacterial Activity of Larval Excreta Domen Jaklic ____
Antimicrobial Factors of Lucilia sericata Peter Takac ____
Healing Properties of MDT Ronald Sherman ____
Q & A Session 3 Yousry Gohar, Domen Jaklic, Peter Takac, Ronald Sherman ____
Modern Hirudotherapy Olga Gileva ____
Leech Therapy in Recent Times Lana Sviridova ____
Periodontitis and Oral Mucosal Diseases Tatiana Libik ____
Q & A Session Olga Gileva, Lana Sviridova, Tatiana Libik ____
Bee Venom Therapy and Apitherapy ____
Brief Survey of Apitherapy Theodore Cherbuliez ____
Review of Recent BVT Studies Christopher Kim ____
Evidence-based Medical Apitherapy Andrew Kochan ____
Apitherapy for Pain Chris Kleronomos ____
Q & A Session Theodore Cherbuliez, Christopher Kim, Andrew Kochan, Chris Kleronomos ____
Ichthyotherapy for Skin Disease Martin Grassberger ____
Veterinary Biotherapy ____
Veterinary Biotherapy Ronald Sherman ____
Assessment of MDT for Animals Felio Bello ____
BioDiagnosis & Canine Olfactory Detection
Canine Detection of Human Disease by Odor Claire Guest ____
Canine Detection of Human Disease by Odor John Church ____
Hippotherapy & Service Animals Service Animals, Equine Assisted Activities, and Equine Assisted Therapies Steve McKenzie ____