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Conferences and Courses in BioTherapy

Biotherapy, general

The 7th International Conference on Biotherapy is scheduled for June 20-24 in Seoul, Korea. It will cover maggot therapy, leech therapy, bee venom therapy, helmintherapy, ichthiotherapy, phage therapy, and other biotherapeutic modalities. More information and registration materials can be found at www.icb2007.org.

Maggot Therapy

The BioTherapeutics, Education and Research (BTER) Foundation sponsors workshops to train health care providers in the Principles and Practice of Maggot Therapy. Some of the workshops are held in Southern California, near the Foundation office. The program is also presented in other regions of the country, produced in collaboration with other Universities, hospitals and agencies.

Contact the BTER Foundation if you would like to co-sponsor or participate in a workshop in your area.

The next scheduled MDT Workshop will be co-sponsored by the University of California, Riverside, Extension, and held on Friday, March 9, 2007, on the UC campus in Irvine, CA. Attendees will learn how, when, and why to use maggot debridement therapy effectively for their patients with non-healing wounds. Participants will have the opportunity to practice applying maggot dressings on mock patients, will learn what other dressing materials work well with maggot dressings, and learn how maggot debridement therapy (MDT) can be integrated successfully as an adjunct to conventional wound care.

Target Audience: Physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, nurses, physical therapists, and other primary care and wound care specialists. More information can be found HERE

Leech Therapy

None scheduled. Please let us know of any scheduled courses.


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  • XXXVIII Congress Apimondia
    Dublin - Ireland
    ? 2005
    For more Information:
    Web: www.apimondia2005.com

Please let us know of any other scheduled courses.

Other Courses

For information about the Delta Society's National Training Conferences, contact: info@deltasociety.org or 425-226-7357.

Please let us know of any other scheduled courses.


"The BeTER Foundation"
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