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Dog & Pet Therapy

Domestic animals are very beneficial in medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

One of the best known biotherapies is the "seeing eye dog;" but dogs are helpful in other ways, too . . . .

  • Seeing Eye Dogs
    "Seeing eye dogs" are probably the best known applications of living animals to assist the ill or physically challenged. Yet, it is often overlooked as a "biotherapeutic modality" because it is so well-accepted in modern medical practice and in modern society.

  • Pet Therapy
    Animal pets provide companionship and unconditional love. Pets improve general mood, decrease depression and loneliness, and distract our minds from stress-inducing concerns. Quality of life is improved for countless individuals through the company, the pleasures, and the challenges of animal pets.

  • Cancer-Detecting Sniffer Dogs
    Dogs have been shown to be able to detect cancers in humans, probably as a result of volatile chemical (odors) given off by the malignancy or the host. The potential diagnostic benefits of sniffer dogs is sparking excitement and research into this area of biotherapy.

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