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Supporting patient care, education, and research

in Biotherapy & symbiotic medicine




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The BTER (pronounced “better”) Foundation is dedicated to the BeTERment of health, by supporting patient care, education, and research in Biotherapy and symbiotic medicine.

To this end, the BTER Foundation has a number of programs and activities that:

  • help provide care to all patients in need, regardless of ability to pay (Patient Assistance Grants);
  • provide education and training for therapists, patients, and the community;
  • conduct clinical and policy research to help understand the current status and future needs of biotherapy patients;
  • provides grants to support the conduct and dissemination of biotherapy education and research (Reseacher and Meeting Grants);

History of Incorporation and Tax Exempt Status

The Biotherapeutics, Education and Research Foundation was incorporated in California on February 24, 2003, as a not-for-profit public charity. Later that year, the BTER Foundation was granted an advanced determination as a tax-exempt Public Charity, under IRS Code 501(c)3. Additional Foundation documents can be found here.

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