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Supporting patient care, education, and research

in Biotherapy & symbiotic medicine




Support   -->   Donate --> Land, Vehicles or Facilities

Donate your trucks, trailers, buses, motor homes,
or land for use as a

Clinic or Clinical Lab

Perhaps we can use your old box trucks, vans, trailers, or motor homes for our clinics & labs.

Perhaps we can find a buyer for your other vehicles and use the proceeds to support our patient care and educational programs.

Either way, you get to help us help others, while helping yourself, with this tax-deductible donation.

Do you have some land in Orange, Riverside, or Los Angeles County, California, that you want to donate? We can set up our offices and facilities on that spot. What BeTER use is there than to help with the medical and educational needs of those less fortunate?

Perhaps YOU could make the difference!

For more information, or to contribute, send an e-mail to: info@BTERFoundation.org
or contact us at the address below.

"The BeTER Foundation"
36 Urey Court;   Irvine,  CA   92612
Phone: 949-509-0989;     Fax: 949-509-7040
E-mail: info@BTERFoundation.org