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What is the BTER Foundation doing for You?


Patient Assistance Programs

The BTER Foundation arranges for free or subsidized supplies for patients who can not afford the costs of therapy.

The BTER Foundation believes that BioTherapy should not be only for those with money or insurance.

To apply for a Patient Assistance Grant, PRESS HERE for application information and an application form.

To support the Patient Assistance Fund, PRESS HERE.

Educational Programs

The BTER Foundation is creating educational programs to assist patients during treatment, and to inform the community about biotherapy as a treatment option.

The BTER Foundation is improving the quality of care provided by biotherapists, through training courses, certification, and national standards.

For example, in January, 2005, the BTER Foundation presents the first MDT Workshop in the United States. For more information about this training session for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, students, and anyone else interested to learn the principles and techniques of maggot therapy, visit the WORKSHOP web page

The BTER Foundation maintains a library of references about biotherapy. We are obtaining permission to make some of the hard-to-find references available on the internet. To assist us with this project, or to suggest articles to include in the library, please contact us.

To support the Education Fund, PRESS HERE.

Ongoing and planned Research

The BTER Foundation collects information about the use, cost, benefits, and reimbursement of biotherapy, and makes this information available to policy makers and the general community. [The BTER Foundation is not a political or lobbying organization.]

In our latest published study (Sherman & Shimoda, Clin Infect Diseases, 2004; 39:1067-1070) , we demonstrated a lower post-operative infection rate in patients who received maggot debridement therapy prior to surgery than in patients who did not receive pre-operative MDT.

To support the Research Fund, PRESS HERE.

Grants Program

The BTER Foundation helps young researchers present their work at national meetings by subsidizing their registration and/or travel costs.

The BTER Foundation's Patient Assistance Grants provide free or subsidized supplies for patients who can not afford the costs of therapy. For more information about the Patient Assistance Grants, PRESS HERE.

To support these or any other activities of the BTER Foundation, visit our Support & Donations page

BTER Foundation Publications

The BTER Foundation produces a variety of publications:

  • Annual Reports and Foundation brochures describe the ongoing activities of the Foundation
  • News, views, and recent research can be found in past and current issues of the Foundation's newsletter, "The BeTER LeTTER"
  • The Foundation also produces policy statements, protocol recommendations, and educational documents to assist therapists and facilities begining their own Biotherapy programs.

To view or download Foundation publications and information, PRESS HERE.

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