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Supporting patient care, education, and research

in Biotherapy & symbiotic medicine




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Using Adobe Acrobat Reader ,
you can view or download the BTER Foundation’s publications, including those listed below:

  • The BeTER LeTTER
    - the Foundation's newsletter, filled with articles and news items.

  • Position Papers, Guidelines, Medical Practice
    • MDT Policies & Procedures Template.
      - The BTER Foundation, in collaboration with community leaders, has just drafted a template for hospitals and clinics to use when writing MDT Policies & Procedures for their facility. The template is available for free download.

"The BeTER Foundation"
36 Urey Court;   Irvine,  CA   92617
Phone: 949-509-0989;     Fax: 949-509-7040
E-mail: info@BTERFoundation.org