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"Seeing Eye Dogs"

One of the best known applications of living animals to assist the ill or physically-challenged is the use of "seeing eye dogs." Seeing eye dogs are often overlooked as a biotherapeutic modality, probably because they are so well-accepted in modern medical practice and in our modern society.

Further information will be added to this page over the next several months. Since there are many great sources of information available, and since the needs to develop new educational programs and infrastructure in this area are relatively small, only the basic information will be presented here.

Here are a few sites at which you can find information about seeing eye dogs:

Also, check out the resources listed in our Reference page and our Links page.

Because there are many other sources of information and support for the seeing eye dog community, and because so many other biotherapeutic modalities are much more in need and far less developed, the BTER Foundation will have to focus more of its limited resources and attention towards the other biotherapeutic modalities (at least until and unless we hear of a need for our services from the sight-impaired or dog-training community, or unless we receive a grant or donation earmarked for work in this area of biotherapy.

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