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Presentation Slides

Did the BTER Foundation assist you with your lecture or research project?
Did the BTER Foundation help you find references?
Did you find useful information on our website?

Acknowledge our assistance with this free slide, which you can download and show in your presentation.

To download this Microsoft PowerPoint slide, PRESS HERE

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Would you like to purchase
Biotherapy Lecture Slides?

We are currently assembling lecture slide kits on Maggot Therapy. Shortly thereafter, we will produce lecture slides on the other biotherapeutic modalities.

Call us, to find out what is currently available.

As soon as we have finalized our selections and prices, we will also post the offerings on this page. Check back again.

You can assist us by:

  • Letting us know your presentation needs.
  • Working with us to produce the lecture slides that you and others desire.
  • Letting us use your images in our programs. You will retain all rights, and be appropriately credited for the image, everytime it is used. Your contribution may be tax deductible. Images of people / patients must be accompanied by evidence of their consent.

Email us for further details.

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