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Volume 5; Issue 4 December, 2009

The American College of Surgeons is assisting the AMA in adopting several new clinical procedure (CPT) reimbursement codes for debridement. These codes still need to be associated with appropriate reimbursement values (RVS). If you debride complicated wounds, please assist them in defining the value of that work by completing the survey, which you can find described and linked from our website www.BTERFoundation.org/docs/ACS-CPT

If maggot therapy is one of the modalities that you use to debride such wounds, please send a letter to the American College of Surgeons and/or the Wound Healing Society (or the professional organization that best represents and advocates for you) explaining that these codes are not appropriate nor adequate for maggot debridement therapy. A draft letter, and the addresses for these two wound-care advocacy groups, can be found at: www.BTERFoundation.org/docs/ACS-CPT
Reimbursement coding has been improved significantly over the past few years, but it is far from adequate. For more information about what codes you can used today, see the article on maggot therapy posted on Codapedia:  www.codapedia.com/~article_369_.cfm
Remember, you can assist the BTER Foundation in our advocacy efforts, or any of our other programs, by supporting the Foundation. There are many ways to offer your support. But if you are considering a monetary or material donation, this is a good time to fulfill your impulse and receive a deduction benefit before the end of the year.
More information about the many ways you can support the Foundation can be found at:  www.BTERFoundation.org/support
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