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Volume 7; Issue 1 June, 2011
Dear Ronald Sherman,
5051_Earl_Bathurst_Cocklewood_Harbour_(c) Mike Crowe
It is hard to believe that there has not been a BTER Foundation newsletter for 6 months!  But this is not because there has been little to report. On the contrary, we have been very busy this year. For example:

The 2010 year ended spectacularly, with biotherapists from all over the world attending the 8th International Conference on Biotherapy (ICB-2010) in Los Angeles. We videotaped most of the lectures, and they are being edited at this very moment. These video-lectures soon will be available on the BTER Foundation website, free of charge to all Conference registrants and Foundation members.

Thank you all for contributing to the funding of this event. We raised most of the needed $20,000 within just two months. The remaining funds were provided by our corporate sponsors and supporters. We could not have produced such a fantastic educational event without your help and participation! 

The first Maggot Therapy Webinar will premier August 16, 2011 . Now you and your colleagues will not have to travel long distances to see one of our lectures. And better yet, the registration fee is being subsidized by an educational grant from Monarch Labs. Register straight away!

Check out some of the other upcoming educational events, below.

Have you heard about the BTER Foundation's Biotherapy Video Contest? Submit your biotherapy-related video before November 30 to be eligible for prizes and more.

The website has expanded in many other ways, too, including updated references, biotherapy links, and more. If you haven't recently been to the website, check it out!

/Ron Sherman
Upcoming Conferences & Events :
Biotherapy Workshops
MDT Workshop & Certification at Wild on Wounds, Las Vegas, September 8, 2011.


Leech Therapy Workshop, tentatively scheduled for December, 2011 

Irvine, California.  E-mail:  [email protected] for information.


Biotherapy Webinars

Maggot Therapy Webinar - August 16, 2011  


Conferences with Biotherapy Lectures & Exhibits  

Diabetic Limb Salvage - Washington, D.C.; September 22-24, 2011 


Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC-Fall) - Las Vegas, October 13-15, 2011 

How about a Workshop in Your Town? 

To arrange a maggot therapy or leech therapy workshop in your community, contact the BTER Foundation. Local and national experts are available to provide 1-hour lectures, full day workshops, and anything in between.


Know about something we don't?  

Let us know of any biotherapy news or event that isn't on our list, so we can make sure that everyone knows about it!

BioTherapy Certification Course
Calling all biotherapists - 
We are assembling our faculty and organizing committee to issue recommendations for maggot therapy and leech therapy certification. Whether you currently run a training course, want to join one, or simply want to ensure competency from biotherapy providers, contact us at [email protected] to participate in this new program. 

BTER Foundation Membership
Are you a member of the BTER Foundation?
If so, Thank You for supporting the organization that has brought biotherapy to hundreds of patients, and information to hundreds of thousands. This would not be possible without all of our volunteers and members.

If you are not yet a member . . . please review all of the benefits of membership.

Membership often pays for itself in program discounts. Members qualify for free access to our entire Biotherapy Library (with the cost of membership being less than the cost of ordering one or two scientific papers from the publisher, based on the dues for Community and Student members).

Other benefits include: free educational materials, free insurance billing assistance, discounts on workshops and conferences, and more.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   - Margaret Mead
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Ronald A. Sherman

Contributing Writers:
Dr. Sagiv Ben-Yakir, Dr. Jose Contreras-Ruiz, Dr. Robert McKie, Dr. Jacques Oskam, Sheri Rosen, Dr. Pascal Steenvoorde, Dr. Tarek Tantawi, Catalina Wang,
Dr. Shou Yu Wang

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Eve Iversen, Dr. Alana Jolley, Amy Mendez, Joanne Preston, Dr. Aletha Tippett

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Samuel G Kohn (Treasurer); Sharon Mendez, RN, CWS (Chair, Programs & Grants Committee); and Pam Mitchell (Patient Advocate)

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