We need Donations!

We appreciate your interest in supporting the BTER Foundation. There are many ways to support us, but financial support is the most flexible, allowing us to purchase EXACTLY what we need most to fulfill our mission. You can help us help you and others by donating to the Foundation. You can even specify HOW you want your donation to be used (patient support, therapists education, research grants, etc).
We know you work hard to earn your money, so we work hard to put your donations to the best use possible. No donations are used for administrative expenses, salaries, overhead, operating costs, etc., unless so designated.
Here are examples of what your donation can accomplish:

  • $55 covers the cost of four medicinal leeches, which may save a reattached limb.
  • $100 covers the cost of a vial of maggots, which could clean and help heal a chronic wound.
  • $250 creates a patient assistance grant, which helps otherwise uninsured patients meet the high cost of health care. This will pay for 5 vials of medicinal maggots, which could likely save a limb from amputation.
  • $500 allows us to give a research grant to someone with a new idea or who wants to report their findings at a conference.

Select the best method for you:

  • Donate by credit card through the Network for Good web site:
Donate Now Through Network for Good
  • Donate through PayPal:


If you are financially strapped right now, consider other ways to help us help you.
The BTER Foundation is a public charity, with tax-exempt status under US Tax Laws 501(c)3. Our Annual Reports are available.