The BTER (pronounced “better”) Foundation is dedicated to advancing health care by supporting education and research in Biotherapy.

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The BTER Foundation is a non-profit, membership-based service organization specializing in public support and professional education in biotherapeutic medicine.

Biotherapy is the use of live animals to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of illness. Examples of biotherapy include service animals (such as guide dogs), wound therapy with leeches (hirudotherapy) or maggots (also known as "maggot therapy," "maggot debridement therapy" [MDT], "larval therapy," or (biodebridement") and even "good germs" that can rid us of "bad germs" (phage therapy, for example, whereby viral parasites of specific pathogenic bacteria search and destroy those bacteria). For more information about various biotherapies, explore the links listed in the side panel.


WOW Wild on Wounds Conference upcoming!

The 2014 Wild on Wounds conference is quickly approaching. The conference will take place September 17-20, 2014 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration is still open! For more information, go to

Call for Papers

Special Invertebrate Models and Integrative Medical Applications: Regulations, Mechanisms, and Therapies

BTER Foundation Internship Program

January marked the start of our Biotechnology Research Internship, Communications Internship, and Videography internship. Later this year we will start accepting Clinical Interns for training in maggot therapy and leech therapy.

Current internship offerings include: Biotechnology Research, Communications, and Videography. Later this year we will start accepting Clinical Interns for training in maggot therapy and leech therapy.

If your clinical practice would be willing to accept one of our clinical interns for one or two weeks, contact me for more information.

2011 Biotherapy Video Contest - UPDATE

The deadline for submissions to the 2011 Biotherapy Video Contest has been postponed to: December 31, 2011. By popular request, you may continue working on your biotherapy videos, and still be eligible for entry into the Biotherapy Video Contest, as long as we receive your entry and entry form (information) by the end of this year. Don't forget to check out the Rules and Prizes, on the Biotherapy Video Contest website . . . and GOOD LUCK to you ALL!

Announcing the 2011 Biotherapy Video Contest

Various forms of biotherapy have been practiced for thousands of years, yet many people are not well informed about biotherapy and its current practices. The purpose of the Biotherapy Video Contest is to inspire the creation, dissemination, and publication of informative videos presenting biotherapy.

2010 Baer Awards Recognize 6 of the World's Biotherapy Leaders

The BioTherapeutics, Education & Research (BTER) Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 William S. Baer Award for Outstanding Service in the Advancement of Biotherapy. The 6 award winners were presented at the 8th International Conference on Biotherapy, held recently in Los Angeles; they are: David Armstrong, MD, DPM, PhD; John Church, MD, FRCSE; Pam Mitchell; Eliot Mostow, MD, MPH; Kosta Mumcuoglu, PhD; and Aletha Tippett, MD, MCh. Read more about the awardees at

Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course and International Conference (CMACC)

Learn the ancient Art & Science of APITHERAPY - the medicinal use of products from the beehive: honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom and beeswax. Join The American Apitherapy Society, as they present the next Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course and International Conference (CMACC), November 11-14, 2010, at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City Hotel, Universal City, California 91608 USA.

The 8th International Conference on Biotherapy coming to Los Angeles

November 11-14, 2010 are the dates for the 8th International Conference on Biotherapy. Come see the World's leaders in maggot therapy, leech therapy, bee venom therapy, helmintherapy ("helminthic therapy"), service dogs, hippotherapy, and more. Workshops and clinical instruction courses will also be offered. More information can be found at the conference website:

March/April Newsletter Now Available

The March/April 2010 issue of The BeTER LeTTER has just been published.
A copy can be found on this website.
Past issues have been archived HERE

Palliative Wound Care Conference

The First Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference will be held May 13-14, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the historic Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel. Program Directors Aletha Tippett, MD and Oscar Alvarez, PhD, have dedicated a significant portion of the conference to biotherapy and its role in wound care.

For details or registration information, view these documents: