Other Services Provided by the BTER Foundation

The BTER Foundation provides many other services, too.

Some services are available only for members, but most programs and services are available also to non-members (although there may be a nominal fee for non-members). For example -

These services are free to everyone:

  • Educational Resources - You will find a wealth of information on our website, and links to additional resources.
  • Lectures, courses and workshops - Many of our courses are free, or of nominal cost, and are available to all who can attend.
  • Support documents, Videos and more - Many patient and clinician support documents, instructional videos, and other materials produced by the BTER Foundation are freely available.

    These services are free to all registered users (registration is free):

    • Patient Assistance Grants - Patients without insurance, or whose insurance declines to pay for legally marketed biotherapy products can apply for grants to cover the cost of these products.
    • Therapist Referral Service - Registered users can search our database of clinicians who may be able to provide advice, consultations or treatment.
    • Biotherapy Reference List - Extensive reference lists are available to registered users who wish to dig deeper into the history and science of biotherapy. Note: only members have free access to the articles themselves, if we have them in our library.

      These services are free to members; they are provided to non-members for a nominal fee:

      • Reimbursement Appeals Assistance Program - Members are eligible for free assistance with insurance reimbursement appeals for their denials of biotherapy. Our professional Insurance and Coding consultant will help with the appeal. For non-members, this service is available for just $25 per appeal.
      • Therapist Referral Service and Web Pages - Professional members are eligible for a free listing in our Therapist Referral pages, and a free webpage. Community Members are eligible to use the Referral service without charge. Non-members can also list their referral information ($20/yr) and post a personal webpage ($30/yr) on our server.
      • Biotherapy Library - At the present time, only members are eligible to have biotherapy articles sent to them from Dr. Sherman's Biotherapy Library, containing over 2,000 articles on biotherapy. But anyone is allowed to visit the library (appointment necessary) and study or photocopy the articles.

        For more information about member services, check out our Membership Pages.