Future Research, awaiting Funding, Staffing or Collaborators

The following research projects are still in the planning or preparation phases. We are looking for collaborators and/or staffing for the following projects:

  • Clinical Trial of Maggot Therapy for Serious Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Expanded Clinical Trial of Maggot-Induced Wound Healing of Chronic Traumatic Wounds

We are awaiting funding for the following projects (Research Team & Protocols already assembled or nearly complete):

  • Expansion of our Maggot Antimicrobial Study, to include activity against parasites.
    Imagining that anti-bacterial activity could also hold promise against parasites is not really a stretch. Many anti-parasitic agents currently on the market are also effective --- and many are or once were used --- as anti-bacterial agents. In particular, maggot therapy has already been demonstrated not only to kill bacteria (see Maggot Therapy References, but also fungi and the parasite, Leishmania amazonensis.

  • Clinical Study of Maggot Therapy for Pressure Ulcers

Interested persons may contact the Foundation for more information or to participate.