Research Presentation & Publication Grants

The Biotherapy Research Presentation / Publication (BRPP) Grant is intended to subsidize the costs of presenting or publishing original research in biotherapy. Funds are generally limited to $250-500 per project, depending on the overall costs of the project, other funding sources, and competing applications. Ultimately, our goal is always to fund the best work, the most work, and the people with the greatest need.

How to Apply
Because each researcher's need is different, we have no fixed application form for this grant. Submit your request for a BRPP Grant as a letter or e-mail (address below) explaining your project, its current status, plans for publication or presentation, and proposed budget. Include a resume or curriculum vitae. Expect an initial response within 2 weeks. The Programs and Grants Committee will inform you if any additional information will be needed to assist them in their evaluation.

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