BTER Foundation Supporters

We thank our Supporters!
Please thank them too,
for they helped us help you and thousands of others.

  • Grant support from -
    Abbott Laboratories / ROSS Products Division
    Monarch Labs
    Smith & Nephew

  • Corporate Sponsors & Donors -
    Abcomm, Inc.
    Bryn Mawr Communications
    Charlie Taylor Housing
    Grove Harbor Medical Center Pharmacy
    Gilead Sciences, Inc
    HMP Communications
    Homestead Equine Hospital, Inc.
    Monarch Labs
    NHNZ TV, New Zealand
    Northwest Region WOCN
    Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital
    Shantee, Orange County (CA)
    Super Television Co., Ltd; Japan
    Thieme Publishers
    Vandalia Research, Inc.

  • Individual Supporters -
    Members of American Legion, Chas. Faust Post No. 281
    Eric Budukiewicz
    Mary Boris - in Dedication to the Employees of the Biotech Industry
    Sharlene Coffield
    Allison Dunbar
    Beatrice Efron - in memory of her Beloved Mother, Mollie Serber, and her Beloved Father, Alter Rachmeil Serber
    Tracy Ellis
    Dr. Paul Han, DPM
    Bertha Hernandez, RN
    Dr. & Mrs. Johnston
    Eva Le Bon
    Alex Lee - in memory of Julie Thai
    Teresa Mannen
    Sharon Mendez
    Pam Mitchell
    Edward Person
    Ana Pope, NP
    Joanne Preston
    Christine Rodriguez
    Dr. Howard & Mrs. Suzanne Rosen
    Michael E. Selsted, MD, PhD
    Ronald & Julie Sherman
    Randall L. Sullivan
    Shelley Swen
    Dr. Hitoshi Takase
    Dr. Aletha & Brian Tippett
    Aerus Tran
    Glenn Vernotzy
    John Vernotzy

  • Volunteers -
    Ian Gordon
    Cauvery Sachdeva Handa
    Christina Hur
    Samuel G Kohn
    Tristan Lemaster
    Maria Matijasevic
    Brian McMichael
    Sharon Mendez
    Pam Mitchell
    Marina Moskaleva
    Alisa Moskaleva
    Amer Muhyleddeen
    Monica Nguyen
    Kimberly Nguyen
    Darren Raphael
    Howard Rosen
    Sheri Rosen
    Cenovia Skeete
    Randall Sullivan
    Stacey Valdez
    Monica Vu
    Robert Weber
    Catalina Wong
    Gail Wong

  • In Living Memory -
    The following individuals must truly have been great, for they inspired some of our donors and supporters to continue in their footsteps and do great things.

    Alter Rachmeil Serber - remembered by Beatrice Efron
    Mollie Serber - remembered by Beatrice Efron
    Julie Thai - remembered by Alex Lee

  • Current Web Site Designed by -
    Steve Tran & Ron Sherman

. . . and let us not forget the scores of anonymous supporters!

Thank you All!!