BTER Foundation Gift Store

Here are some biotherapy-related items that can be purchased or received as gifts for your donation. Proceeds support the BTER Foundation. There are many other ways to support the BTER Foundation, too.

Some of our gift items are described below. If you wish to order an item, just let us know. If you wish to receive one of these items as a gift for your donation, just make a note with your donation.

"Got Maggots?" Tee Shirt - $20
(FREE with $50 donation)
Maggot Therapist Scrub Tops - $20
(FREE with $50 donation)

Medical Maggots Transportation bag - $8.50
(FREE with $25 donation)

Pam Mitchell's autobiography:

"Maggots, Miracles & Me."$14.95
(FREE with $50 donation)
Maggot Therapy:
A Handbook of Maggot-assisted Wound Healing

[$35 from Thieme Publishers
or through The BTER Foundation Bookstore]
(FREE with $150 donation)