BTER Marketplace

Do you need T-Shirts, coffee mugs, snack bags and other worthless junk?

Or do you normally shop for fine items and services on the internet?

Well, either way, you've come to the right place. Now, you can feel "Better" while you shop, because you can simultaneously help the BTER Foundation.

  • For biotherapy-related paraphernalia (="junk"), visit our Gift Store.
  • For books, DVDs, CDs, and more, order from When you use this link to access your books and supplies, the BTER Foundation is eligible to receive a portion of’s profits.
  • To find almost everything else, visit our GoodShop Links. When you connect to Target, Office Depot, Expedia or a whole host of other vendors through the GoodShop Links, then these vendors donate a portion of their profits to the BTER Foundation.

Now, you can even put GoodSearch and GoodShops on your own internet browser by bookmarking GoodSearch, or making GoodSearch your home page.

Thank you for helping us help others!