Meet Marta Ostler, a maggot therapist and maggot therapy lecturer!  Marta is a Physical Therapist in Wyoming who has been a certified wound care specialist since 2003.  After earning her B.S. in Physical Therapy at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, Marta lived in San Diego for several years in the 1990’s.  She is currently the Manager of Northeast Wyoming Wound Care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Marta is a clinical instructor of physical therapy students, a certified wound care specialist, and a certified lymphatic therapist. For fun, she likes to run ultra marathons, backpack, hike, and spend time with her family.   
Marta is an experienced lecturer who has spoken at several wound care symposiums, including, most recently, the Clinical Symposium on the Advancement of Wound Care and APWCA:  American Professional Wound Care Association.  Marta offers lectures on a variety of topics, including Effective Wound Debridement with Maggot Therapy, Why Maggot Therapy Works, and Selecting the Patient Population Best Served by Maggot Wound Debridement.  If you are interested in having Marta speak at your facility or event, please contact her at or contact the BTER Foundation at