Pet Therapy, therapeutic Horse Riding, Hippotherapy and the like fall within the field of biotherapy. These modalities utilize relationships with animals to improve mental health – mood, self-confidence, coordination, social skills, etc. Many of these activities also improve physical strength, endurance, fine and gross motor skills, and cardio-thoracic health.
Several organizations and agencies provide information and support in these areas, and we have no desire to dilute their efforts. Indeed, given our own financial limitations, and given the fact that we do not specialize in pet therapy or hippotherapy as many other organizations do, we should be considered the resource of last resort. Nevertheless, we encourage any and all individuals to contact us if they can not find what they need elsewhere; we will help as much as possible, or try to find you someone else who can.
More information and support can best be found from these resources:


Note that these and other references will soon be available to members, through our library. You may also visit our more extensive References and Clinical Studies page for pet therapy and hippotherapy here.

Pet Therapy

Animal pets provide companionship and unconditional love. Pets improve general mood, decrease depression and loneliness, and distract our minds from stress-inducing concerns. Quality of life is improved for countless individuals through the company, the pleasures, and the challenges of animal pets. Check out the following resources for additional information and support:

Therapeutic Horse Riding and Hippotherapy