Patients interested in biotherapy should always discuss this option with their current doctors. Maggot therapy and leech therapy, for example, can be prescribed by any licensed doctor in the U.S. who wishes to prescribe them. Your current doctor already knows you, works near you, and therefore is the best person to do the treatment, if they are willing. Of course, not all doctors are comfortable with biotherapy. Therefore, the BTER Foundation attempts to provide members and registered users with access to contact information for therapists who use biotherapy in their practice. If you are a therapist or researcher who would like to be listed, please fill out this online form or contact us. The following referral lists of therapists, lecturers, advocates and others offering their support or services are available:

Apitherapy: by Region

Maggot therapy:  by Region | by Alphabetical listing

Leech therapy:  by Region

Phage therapy:  by Region

Veterinary (all types of biotherapy):  by Region

We are in the process of assembling searchable databases of apitherapists, bacteriophage therapists, ichthyotherapists, and helminthic therapists who are available for contact. Anyone with interest, knowledge or experience in these biotherapies is encouraged to contact the Foundation to help and/or be included in these referral lists. If you are interested in apitherapy, the American Apitherapy Society can provide you with more information.