The BTER Foundation’s Patient Assistance Grants provide free or subsidized supplies for patients who can not afford the costs of therapy. The BTER Foundation believes that BioTherapy should be available to everyone, not only to those with money or insurance. These grants are negotiated between the Foundation and the suppliers. Patients need not be involved in the negotiations; they need only apply for the funds, using the Patient Assistance Grant (PAG) Application Form. Several suppliers of Biotherapeutic products have already agreed to accept our grants in lieu of payment.

Patients and Applicants To apply for a Patient Assistance Grant, complete the PAG Application Form and submit it to the BTER Foundation address, fax or e-mail listed below. Check the list above or ask the product supplier to make sure that they have an arrangement with us, and can accept our grants. If you have insurance coverage (including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, etc), you will be expected to request reimbursement first from your 3rd party payer. If the request is declined, we can usually provide a grant and/or assist with an appeal. Our funds are limited, so we must give first priority to those with the greatest need and the least resources.

Message to Producers & Distributors Please provide your biotherapeutic supplies or services to anyone who can benefit from them, regardless of ability to pay. Sometimes this means reducing costs. Contact us to discuss how we can help pay for those products.

Message to Therapists Please do your part, by providing your clinical services at reduced cost to your patients who can benefit from them, but have limited financial resources. Contact us to discuss how we can subsidize the cost of your Biotherapy medical supplies, if your patients have no insurance and can not afford them. Prove to your patients that Biotherapists are concerned first and foremost with health care, not “business as usual.”

A fund was created to support  the Patient Assistance Grants program, and named after one of the BTER Foundation’s Founding Members, Pamel Mitchell. As the Foundation’s first Patient Advocate, Ms. Mitchell helped hundreds of patients access medical and financial assistance during their pursuit of health through biotherapy. You can read more about Pam Mitchell HERE. To support the Pam Mitchell Memorial Patient Assistance Fund, or any of our other grants or services, PRESS HERE.