CLICK HERE to download a PDF of our official, updated (2018) Privacy Policy.

The following summary may be helpful to you in understanding specifically how the BTER Foundation approached privacy.


The BTER Foundation respects the rights and needs of all people for privacy.

The BTER Foundation respects the the demands of all people for a safe and reliable website, free from abuse.

To fulfill the rights, needs and demands of the public, the BTER Foundation collects limited personal information from individuals who wish to access restricted areas of this website. Additional information is collected from individuals applying for Membership, to whom additional benefits and services will be provided. Individuals applying for financial assistance through programs such as our Patient Assistance Grants program or our Reimbursement Appeals program will be asked to provide personal health data, as well.

In all of these cases, the BTER Foundation and its board of Directors will ensure that the only information required from Patrons/Users will be that information which is required by the Foundation to perform its function and duty, effectively and efficiently.

The BTER Foundation does not sell nor make public this collected personal information. The Foundation may, however, share this information with its partners, for the purpose of providing clients/users with updated and relevant information of interest to the Biotherapy community.

If, at any time, users wish not to receive such related information, they may opt out on the their Registration Account Information page, or they may opt out directly through the mailing they no longer wish to receive (for example, the Foundation’s newsletter, The BeTER LeTTER.

Should someone no longer wish to be a registered user of the BTER Foundation website, that, too can easily be arranged.

Of course, errors occasionally occur in which, for example, the registered website user has changed their mind about receiving newsletters, but their e-mail address has already been transferred to the newsletter mailing list and now it has not been deleted. Should there be any difficulty removing one’s self from a mailing list, contact us for immediate rectification. Feel free to contact the BTER Foundation or its Board Members for any other problem or concern, too.

Additional information about our procedure and policy for managing Personal Health Information can be found HERE.