The following grants are offered by the BTER Foundation to fulfill our health care mission:

General Information about BTER Foundation Grants
The BTER Foundation Grants Program is organized to support two types of grants: Standing grants and Special Project Grants. Standing Grants are offered on an ongoing basis, every year. Special Project Grants are offered only once, and designed to accomplish a specific project or purpose, usually within a specific research or educational area identified by the Board of Directors. Currently the foundation is unable to accept unsolicited grant proposals.

The amount of funding available for grants is dependent upon community support and identified priorities, as evidenced by donations. To support the grants programs (or any other program), see our Support pages.

  • Standing Grants. The BTER Foundation offers two standing grants at this time:
  1. Patient Assistance Grants – intended to subsidize the cost of treatment for patients without health insurance and the means to pay for those treatments, or whose insurance will not pay for the treatment.
  2. Biotherapy Research Presentation / Publication (BRPP) Grants – intended to subsidize the costs of presenting and publishing original research in biotherapy.
  • Special Project Grants. Periodically, special project grants are announced to develop biotherapy educational programs, or to evaluate the clinical utility and logistic impediments to biotherapeutic medicine. Requests for proposals are announced whenever funds become available. To help support these programs, visit our Support Pages.

Policies applicable to ALL grants
Due to limited resources, research funding is restricted to projects
based in the United States. Institutional overhead (also known as “indirect” costs) can not be supported. Funding preference will be given to Junior researchers, and investigators with limited alternative resources. Studies with the widest, most direct and immediate clinical application will be given preference.

Grant Deadlines
The BTER Foundation’s Patient Assistance Grants Program is ongoing throughout the year. A review committee meets within 14 days of receiving a new application. Applications are available HERE.

The BTER Foundation is able to fund one or two BRPP Awards each year.
Contact the Foundation with a description of your project and your presentation or publication needs.
We will then inform you of the level of available funding, and provide you with the latest application materials.

Funding is currently inadequate to support most unsolicited extramural research projects. At the present time, the Foundation’s limited research funds are allocated to support Foundation research projects. If you would like to participate in Foundation research projects,
please contact the Foundation.

To support the BTER Foundation’s grants programs, or any other BTER Foundation Program, visit the Support Pages.