Thank you for supporting the BTER Foundation. If you have not already seen the many levels and benefits of membership, you can refer to them here.

Becoming a paid member is very easy. Simply follow the steps described below to register on our website and pay your dues online or by mail.

  • To register –
  1. Fill out the Membership Information Form and turn it in through email or mail. Additionally, register on our website to be able to access exclusive content. The form is down below.
  2. Don’t forget to select the appropriate Membership Category (Corporate Member, Professional Member, Community Member, or Student Member).
  3. Pay dues, either by mailing in your check or paying on-line through PayPal (see instructions below). You can also visit our DONATIONS page to submit your dues online (yes, dues to the BTER Foundation are considered a tax-exempt contribution). Dues amounts can be found by opening the Membership Information Form.
  4. Expect to receive a response, and start enjoying full membership benefits, within 7 days.
  • To pay online –
  • Submit your dues by credit card through the Network for Good web site:
Pay Dues Through Network for Good
  • Submit your dues through PayPal:
  • To pay by mail –
  1. PRESS HERE to open an Adobe Acrobat(R) (“PDF”) Application Form that you can print and complete by hand, or else fill-in at your computer and then print.
  2. If you decide to complete the form at your computer, you must print it immediately afterward because you will not be able to save the completed form unless you have the FULL version Adobe Acrobat(R).
  3. Mail or fax the form (address is listed on the form). Expect to receive a response within 14 days. All benefits begin immediately thereafter, unless you request otherwise.


We are glad you decided to join us!