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The BTER (pronounced “better”) Foundation is dedicated to advancing health care by supporting education and research in Biotherapy.

The BTER Foundation is Here to Help

Welcome to the BTER Foundation

The BTER Foundation is a non-profit, membership-based service organization specializing in public support and professional education in biotherapeutic medicine.

Biotherapy is the use of live animals to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of illness. Examples of biotherapy include service animals (such as guide dogs), wound therapy with leeches (hirudotherapy) or maggots (also known as "maggot therapy," "maggot debridement therapy" [MDT], "larval therapy," or (biodebridement") and even "good germs" that can rid us of "bad germs" (phage therapy, for example, whereby viral parasites of specific pathogenic bacteria search and destroy those bacteria). For more information about various biotherapies, explore the links listed in the side panel.


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Register now for the Integrative Healthcare Symposium

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium takes place October 9-10, 2015 at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, FL. The theme is "Focus on: The Microbiome." The Symposium names the following learning objectives:

  • Recognize the fundamental role of the human microbiome in inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
  • Understand how lifestyle choices change the complexion of the microbiome and the metabolic consequences of these changes
  • Understand how changes in the microbiome induced by antibiotics may be responsible for the obesity epidemic
  • Recognize the role of the microbiome in mood disorders and cognitive decline
  • Appreciate how leading edge novel techniques to restore a healthy microbiome may pave the way for meaningful treatment of autism, autoimmune conditions and inflammatory disorders

Register now and recieve 25% off.

Conference in Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands Announced

A conference in complementary veterinary medecine will take place the 27th and 28th of November at the the Van der Valk Hotel in Veenendaal, Netherlands. The conference is organized by EduPet Education. The organizers describe the conference as the following: 

"We asked the speakers to tell about their clinical successes with complementary therapies and the paradigm that underlies it. The information must be understandable and successes reproducible. Successes motivate you to continue with it."

For more information and to register, click here.

Register now for the 3rd Annual R&D and Business Collaboration Forum

Register now for the 3rd Annual Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum! This year, the conference will take place in San Diego, CA, from September 10th - September 11th, 2015. 

The conference will "explore the interface between our evolving cultures, technologies and our microbiome through a series of interactive presentations with leading academics and industry experts, panel discussions and an exhibition area allowing solution providers to showcase their products and services." To register for the conference, and to learn more about the agenda, click here.

New WoundSource Blog Entry by Dr. Sherman

This month on the WoundSource blog, Dr. Sherman discusses the importance of communicating with wound care patients. Read his current article here and check out the video that prompted Dr. Sherman to write about not making assumptions on YouTube!

Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society 47th Annual Conference

Now's the time to register for Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society Conference! It's taking place from June 6-10, 2015 in San Antonio, TX. The conference will provide you with the chance to earn up to 20.5 Continuing Education Credits and will also offer invaluable networking opportunities. Click here to take a look at the accepted abstracts for the conference.

Still time to register for the PWCC

There's still time to register for the Palliative Wound Care Conference! The conference will take place May 14-16 in Orlando, FL and the BTER Foundation will be participating. The purpose of this conference is to meet the continuing education needs of healthcare professionals and provide a venue to network with wound care practitioners across the continuum of health care. This is the only wound conference dedicated to palliation and wound care at the end of life. If you care for wounds, especially for the elderly, diabetic, or those at the end of life, this conference is for you. If you are looking to start your own palliative wound care program, this conference is a must! We'd love to see you there. Click here to register.

Introducing BTER Foundation Intern Margarita Finley

Margarita completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in May 2014 at California State University, Fullerton.  While at CSUF, she participated in independent research in a biochemistry lab which focused on inhibiting methanogenesis by targeting critical steps involved in methanopterin biosynthesis.  She also has paralegal studies certification from Fullerton College.   

Participating as a quality control intern at Monarch Labs has allowed Margarita to utilize the skill sets developed during her education. While at Monarch, she is learning valuable skills such as policy development, writing, and implementation. She is also assisting with regulatory documentation.

In her spare time, Margarita likes to ride motorcycles with her husband and watch horror movies.

Register for the 2015 Medical Surgical Nursing Conference

It's not to late to register for the 2015 Medical Surgical Nursing Conference! This year, the conference will take place at the South San Francisco Conference Center in South San Francisco, CA, on April 16th and 17th.

Kicking Off Our New Journal Forum

 The BTER Foundation is kicking off the Journal Forum not with a scientific or medical journal article, but rather a short piece of writing on the process of researching helminthic therapy as it relates to Neurofibromatosis written by BTER Foundation Board Member Donna Beales. Read this article by navigating to our new Journal Forum page, which you can always reach from our dropdown menu "Biotherapy News and Info."